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Ran Levinson
Park Management
From outside of Israel +972-4-6553363 or 1700-555-080

Park Vision

Imagine a new technology park and center for innovation in the magical environment of the Galilee region, just 30 minutes journey from Haifa and Yokneam, and only 100 kilometers from Herzliya. The Bar-Lev High-Tech Park is accessible and progressive, growing in step with your company and providing fertile ground for your creativity and growth, with excellent financial terms.

You are invited to think outside the box, allowing the fresh air and natural surroundings of the Galilee to inspire you to innovation and success in this exciting high-tech hub.

Park Layout

The Bar-Lev High-Tech Park is located on the western slopes of the hills of the Galilee, with its buildings surrounding a central open space. The Park’s landscaped layout includes open views, green buildings, advanced environmental standards, and flexible architectural design.

  • Dedicated and secure high-tech campus, with all buildings available for rental.
  • Built to the highest construction standards as an advanced high-tech hub.
  • Maximum compatibility for future expansion of your company within the Park.
  • Eight buildings for rental purposes totaling 80,000 square meters.
  • Flexibility in building design and specifications, working with your architect or ours.
  • Designed with plentiful parking for employees and visitors - saving time, maximizing efficiency, and making your journey from home as comfortable as possible.


The Bar-Lev High-Tech Park includes all the elements required for a modern working environment. The Park is located in the Bar-Lev Industrial Park, which houses 25 companies and provides excellent support services and infrastructure to meet their needs. For the benefit of our tenants, the central services building includes a gym, kindergarten childcare facilities, cafes and restaurants. Small companies (1–4 people) can rent offices in a shared space and benefit from its advanced facilities – meeting rooms, office services etc.


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