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Ran Levinson
Park Management
From outside of Israel +972-4-6553363 or 1700-555-080


The Bar-Lev High-Tech Park is located just half an hour’s journey from the Haifa Technion, Haifa University, and ORT Braude Technical College in Karmiel. This makes it easily accessible to the many engineers and scientists living in the area, and to doctors and researchers from hospitals in Haifa, Nahariya and Tzfat, as well as many other local academics and students. The Park will create thousands of new jobs for this population of over 1.4 million people. It is designed to attract quality human capital away from Israel’s overcrowded and expensive central region. They will benefit from the many benefits and incentives on offer and from the high quality of life in the Galilee region.


Over 40,000 students are learning in academic institutions located within 30 minutes’ drive from the Park, including 10,000 Engineering students. These include:

(Data based on students registered with these faculties at the end of 2013)

Computer Science

  • 1460 at The Technion
  • 517 at Haifa University
  • 777 at Ort Brauda

Math and Physics

  • 547 at The Technion
  • 37 at Ort Brauda

Electric and Electronics

  • 2,029 at The Technion
  • 515 at Ort Brauda

Industrial engineering

  • 1,149 at The Technion
  • 516 at Ort Brauda

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

  • 1,736 at The Technion
  • 618 at Ort Brauda

Medical and Biological Engineering

  • 306 at The Technion
  • 272 at Ort Brauda

Park Career

The management of the Bar-Lev High-Tech Park has undertaken to help recruit potential employees for the Park’s tenant companies. We have built a database of the professionals engaged in high-tech who live in the area’s cities and towns. This database currently includes hundreds of people. We periodically distribute a list of job openings at the companies in the Park to these people. The database is confidential and the names of potential applicants cannot be shared with individual companies, but we invite anyone with high-tech credentials to join this database and enjoy direct access to employment opportunities at the High-Tech Park.