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Ran Levinson
Park Management
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Living in the Galilee

The Galilee region of Israel is developing and flourishing. Many communities are currently expanding their populations and provide a quality of life unmatched in the rest of Israel. The cultural and leisure opportunities in the Galilee are highly developed, and the region’s high quality education system offers many different options. The Park’s management team is connected with all the local councils and organizations involved in helping families to relocate to the Galilee, and can provide assistance for people who move to the area, helping to ease the transition for the whole family.

Working in the Galilee

Living and working in Galilee, you will find a wonderful base for creativity and innovation, leisure opportunities and a community-based cultural life. Working in the creative environment of the Bar-Lev High-Tech Park, situated in the heart of nature with its beautiful views and without traffic jams or parking problems, creates a uniquely calm atmosphere and pace of life that fosters personal growth, creating a harmonious balance between your career, your family life, and your leisure time.

Relocating to The Galilee

Companies choosing to move to the Galilee receive not only a range of incentives and benefits, but also the assistance of the Park management team and of governmental and associated agencies, which are engaged in promoting the development of the Galilee region and its minority populations. Such assistance includes providing information about relevant incentives and assistance in obtaining them, help in recruiting and training qualified employees, advice on finding relevant service providers, and assistance in helping to relocate and integrate families.

Incentives & Benefits

The Israeli government is committed to the ongoing development of the Galilee region. The Bar-Lev High-Tech Park is located in an area with A-zone status, which means that companies in the Park can enjoy the following benefit packages:

Capital Grants – Grants of 20% towards new manufacturing equipment (for Certified Company exporting 25% of their products as a result of the investment).

Tax Concessions – 9% Company Tax (instead of 26.5%) and 20% Dividend Tax (instead of 30%) – for Certified Companies exporting 25% of their turnover.

In addition, Israeli government subsidies are available towards the employment of special populations (minorities, charedim, single parents and people with disabilities).

  • Increased assistance from the Chief Scientist’s Grants Program.
  • The average wage in the North of Israel is lower than the average wage in Central Israel, and employee turnover is lower.
  • Companies that relocate to the Galilee will benefit from the combined support of the Park management company and various governmental and other agencies.
  • Workers who live in villages near the Park enjoy income tax benefits.
  • Companies choosing to employ minorities can benefit from support from various organizations, including funding for training and subsidies of up to 40% of these employees’ wages.