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SW Engineer- Tools and Infrastructure

חברת DSP Groups

DSP Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: DSPG) is a global leader in wireless communications and voice processing chipsets and algorithms for a wide range of smart-enabled devices. We seek to consistently deliver next-generation solutions in the areas of voice, audio, video, and data connectivity.

We are looking for an exceptional multidisciplinary SW Engineer to join our new Tools and Infrastructure team. The team’s mission is to define and build infrastructures and tooling that improve engineering velocity at all stages of development. To drive product excellence and help our partners work independently. You will join the team at a very early stage and work in a fast-paced startup-like environment. You’ll be expected to initiate and drive your own ideas from within the company, from concept to production. This is a senior position with major responsibilities and an opportunity to impact everything about the way we work.

Consider this role if:

You don’t like to perform repetitive and manual tasks. You prefer to build automation tools so that every second spent will be on the things that matter.
You love learning new technologies, because of what you can do with them.
You care about empowering people to be efficient and productive and you want to help them achieve their goals.
You are passionate about efficiency but dislike shortcuts and hacks.
You build command line tools, web services, debugging tools and automation infrastructures.
You learn whatever you need to, on the go. You don’t stop till you’ve made it happen.
Your motto is: If I can’t measure it, I can’t improve it.


Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or related technical field.
Excellent programming skills in Python and JavaScript. Strong skills in other general purpose languages (Go, Java, C#, C++ etc.) is a big advantage.
Experience in multiple domains including DevOps, backend, full stack (React/VueJS/Angular), QA automation, databases and system architecture. We’re looking for multidisciplinary candidates with a broad set of skills!
Hands-on experience with Linux and shell scripting.
Solid understanding of operating systems, databases and network infrastructure.

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