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Windows Team Software Engineer

חברת Incredibuild

IncrediBuild, a world leader in software acceleration, is looking for a developer who wants to accelerate their career
and be part of the development of virtualized distributed systems on Windows OS.
With its unique process virtualization technology, IncrediBuild has become the de facto standard acceleration solution for code build, test execution, game development and other time-consuming tasks. IncrediBuild is used by more than 200,000 developers at companies such as Intel, Microsoft, Nvidia, EA and most AAA game studios.
IncrediBuild is a process distribution platform that transforms every machine into a super computer that can scale to hundreds of cores users already own in their LAN or the public cloud by distributing time-consuming processes to these remote machines.
In order to achieve this goal, IncrediBuild employs a unique and complex technology that virtualizes processes on-the-fly on top of the remote machines on which they are executed.
The IncrediBuild platform makes heavy use of multi-threading, multi-processing, multi-machine, shared memory IPC, asynchronous communication, performance optimizations and OS-level virtualization. which is why we are looking for the best and smartest developers out there who are not afraid of learning new skills and are looking for a real technical challenge.
As a market leader, IncrediBuild is the only commercial product that is offered in a freemium version as part of Visual Studio and is partnered with leading platforms and tools such as: Xbox, Sony PlayStation SDK, Unreal Engine, Nvidia Code Works, Coverity, KlocWork and others.
You'll have the following 100% hands-on responsibilities:
New feature development from design to production in C++ in a variety of technical domains
Maintenance of virtualization and management systems in several languages
Be a driving force for a product that is impacting and bringing value to the biggest tech companies in the world
– At least 2-3 years of experience in development of complex backend and/or system level software
– Fully proficient in C++ and preferably in an additional object-oriented language
– Good understanding and experience in some of the following : communication protocols and frameworks (TCP/IP, HTTP, REST), SQL/NoSQL databases, Windows internals, cloud infrastructure
– Good understanding of SW architecture with emphasis on multiprocessing and performance
Self starter , independent, with good communication skills –
– Ability and willingness to operate in highly paced, constantly changing work environment
Degree in CS or equivalent

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