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Software Engineer/Application DBA

חברת Spiral Solutions

Application DBA

We are expanding our R&D team and are looking for an experienced and talented Software Engineer/Application DBA.

The position will involve definition, design, development, deployment, maintenance and enhancement of applications working as part of software development team, with specific focus on databases.

Position Description:

· Work with system architects to create database designs that meet the company's business goals

· Design and implementation of database schema

· Design, develop and deploy T-SQL

· Design, develop and deploy SSIS packages

· Write documentation of design specifications and implementation details

· Collaborate with other team members to collaborate on design, interfaces and protocols.

· Collaborate with system DBAs

· Manage workload to deliver quality results that meet requirements and timelines

· Assists Manager in tracking progress, prioritizing work, developing time estimates and work plans


· Excellent knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server and T-SQL programming (at least 4 years of proven experience)

· Proven experience dealing with large-scale databases serving thousands of concurrent users

· Experience with query optimization, MS SQL Server locking mechanism and MS SQL Server internals

· Experience with database change management processes for highly available database systems

· Familiar with MS SQL Server High Availability Always On

· Experience in development of SSIS packages dealing with big amounts of data

· Experience with source control

· Good written and verbal English

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